Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back to Town

Great:) My mother, sister and Danny are back to Town, but not to be close to me in the hospital as before but to have fun with us, Principal Olivia and Daniel are the happiest of us. They are already having the first arguments, what is healthy and means that they know what they want, I hope I will be happy and with the same spirit also in a week time. They also been having a trip in their addiction, Fat milk, the product should be very strong and hallucinogenic as they fall a sleep straight away after they finished their bottle.

Olivia had a very happy day, not only because of having Daniel around but also because today she has the opportunity to sleep for the first time in her first own bed. Olivia before fall asleep screamed to me to not forget to say a big thank you to Nuno & Tina for their sponsoring of her new majestic bed. I cannot forget of their gesture, even faraway in USA they did not forget about Olivia.

I need also to say thank you to Sergio because it was with his help and his car that I could go to picked up the new bed and also picked up my family at the airport:)

Olivia reserved for all of us the biggest surprise of this vertiginous day, For the first time she did a pi in the potty, I witnessed this Historical day. It is a case to tell a small pi for the Humanity but the biggest urine for Olivia.

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