Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Helder Van Amsterdam

Today as we planned all the family drove out to Amsterdam. This experience it was enough to understand what years of quiet life and now in the English country side has done to my brain, Outside my cocoon all looks confuse and unbearable, At first arriving in the outskirts of Amsterdam I wanted to park the car in the Arena but even with my Tomtom I got lost and after we past more than a hour going around until I got it right. It must me that Park otherwise it would be very expensive. Also the Tomtom almost get me in the pothole, for a while I went for a different motorway but in time I got it right again. The surprises where always present in the trip. In the underground to the centre the Olivias buggy wheel got damaged, even I do not know how, so for a long time the buggy was without one while, It was my Mc Giver's skills who repaired and brought the things to the normal. Finally, the signalization in the tube were too confuse for me, probably too much addicted to the English language. But, now I understand when my mother does not want to come to London because of travelling through the airports been too confuse. Mother, you are right!

So you would think after so many stories before we arrived in the city the visit itself to Amsterdam city it was faded to be boring, without any exciting story :) The hours left to go around were no too many, thus we decided to do a sightseeing tour in the canals, Olivia loved to sail again. After we walked through the main Park and of course we pass with the eyes wide open in the Red Light District as Justyna and Olivia demanded :)

The place is really magic, it is the houses, it is the bikes that of course once run over me at the first time I crossed a road, it is the canals, it is the boats, it is the young people everywhere, it is the artistic atmosphere, it is ...
It was a great day but I am very tired after all the adventures.

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