Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Endorphin after Adrenalin

The day started with the adrenalin on the top but finished instead with endorphins on top. I will explain; Morning I went to the Royal Free Hospital and not UCL Hospital to have my exam done, something that I found out just before leave home, There I was again submitted to a different scans, complementing each other. I think it was not for any special reason but I become even more nervous when in the middle of the scan the doctors told me that they wanted my scan to cover bigger part of the body, until the higher chest, something that it was not in the plan. Again I was slightly in chock but afterwards I understood that this should not mean anything.

Additionally, the fact that my exam been postponed 2 hours due to an urgent case made me even more discomfort. This days can almost erase all the peace and rest got in a long holidays. My mind recalls everything about the Cancer experience, in contrast to the holidays when there were days when I forgot that I have a Cancer. But the day would let me forget again about the morning experience and feel the endorphin through my veins. Yes, it was Shubhy's birthday so it was time to celebrate. We went to Shubhy's house and had a happy evening with Tom, Ryan and Taz. It is great to have Shuby as a friend, It is never enough of having her close to us, For thousands reasons she makes me happier, but not only to me :)

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