Friday, May 14, 2010

May peace prevail on Earth

As expected walking to the last days in Holland the weather is also getting better, But fortunately we matched the sunny day with a trip to the beach. We took a lift to Haia or Den Haag in Luis' car. This is a place that always recalled me Peace and Justice. There we went around the city, sightseeing the icons, Those are the majestic Peace Palace or Vredespaleis offered by USA and the Parlamento or Bieenhof. Although the impressive architecture, the old and the very modern buildings are well composed, what we really wanted was to see the beach.

The beach near is in Scheveningen, when we get there we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon there, to feel the sand and the water from the North Sea, to see the surfers getting the 10 cm waves formed by the tank that cruises the horizon in a snail pace, to taste a delicious Fish and ships. Olivia instead only chips, unluckily I mistaken a ketchup for a chilly sauce, the result was Olivia screaming with panic with her month on fire, But the water that was around helped to calm down.

Only after been with the skin burnt with burns of 1 st degree we were happy to back home in the train through the Dutch steppe.

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