Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cold-blooded animal

The day was full of Olivia, Justyna spent the day trying to do her Essay. It is is already Friday when she will need to send over, Me and Oli went to the Play centre. It was a great time for Olivia, There was plenty of new sensory activities, She played with water and soap, with warm thou, and with sand. In the afternoon we went to revive our park. In between Olivia rested at home, When in bed she behaved as a lizard, always taking the most of the Sun light as is was a cold-blooded animal to keep warm the blood. Her face also did not hide her pleasant dreams, perhaps still Holland in her thoughts, remembering how for a while she was the Queen in Gouda, with her Castle and carriage to be transported. Also remember about her friends Kiko and Didi that she shared the days in the castle.

Tomorrow I will be already alone because I will need to go in the morning to the UCL Hospital to have another exam to the Liver and Spleen. The procedure does not brings any pain but I do not like because I will need to be injected with some radioactivity solution. But this test I have not done before and for what I read it is the best in the State of Art, giving the most detailed picture of the organs as possible. The results I only know in two weeks in the appointment with the oncologist.

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Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!!!

Temos estado atentos e desejamos boa sorte para amanhã!!!

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