Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zed loves bread

Today I tried to live more intensively in order to keep my thoughts out from the appointment and news that I will listen tomorrow. As I will see the oncologist to know about the scan done it last week, depending from what the doctor will tell us then we will decide our close future, If I can go to Portugal in holidays or I will need to stay put and waiting for more treatments to control the Cancer. Thus, to not get too nervous today I tried several things. I tried meditation, I tried to go to a new place with Olivia to play with kids, this place that I found is just around the corner, We went to the park with Ronald, we cooked home bread according to the Olivia's book - Zed's bread. Olivia also is showing skills as her grandparents in the bread business. Now in the night the smell of bread is divine around the house, I already tasted the warm bread and it is delicious. After the veg that is coming out in the garden now the bread. We are really on the way to the self subsistence and the the surplus will be sell in the market in front of the house.

I confess that I am feeling very happy so it means for sure that tomorrow I will not have bad news, I will have green light to keep going.

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