Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kurtas club

I am writing this lines with Mi Mi, Filipa and Luis' kitty in my lap, The small animal is so sweet and beautiful, I almost forgot what is it to feel the warm of a pet at home. It remembers me my dream of having a dog at home, but this only when our life would become more stable. The last day in Holland and first in Belgium was unforgettable, Sensation of having a big family. In the morning we went with Luis and Carla plus all kids to say bye bye to the farm and the animals. The farewell was also for us as for Carla and Luis as they are also leaving Holland. It was fantastic time to be passing so much time with them, I am feeling as I had a long holidays in an exotic country. It was hard to leave our friends and the landscape of canals. But fortunately we took the train to Brussels and there we had another warm arms waiting to be hugged, The evening was lovely, I really missed this days with the company of old friends. Definitely the family is good but not everything, the friends also have their space in the heart. Now it is time to enjoy the last day before travel home

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