Monday, May 10, 2010

Cycling fun club

Today we reached half way of our holidays here in the Benelux, it has been a good days, to relax but overall to spend time with our friends Carla and Luis as probably we will be for a while without seen each other, They are just about to move for another challenge, now in Turkey. Today we went to the centre of Gouda with all the kids and Patricia in the bike, Olivia is already part of the Bike fun club. Rodrigo and Francisco are already use to to cycling but for Olivia is new and she loves to go in her Egg pulled by our bike. Of course for somebody who use to be transported in a coach been pulled by a bike the difference will not be too much.

Tomorrow we are planning to leave for a day the bike on the side and go back to our origins as Human Being, to the car. The trip will take us to the famous city of Amsterdam, will the weather help.

Last word just to mention a lack oJustify Fullf enthusiasm that the visit of the Pope is stirred within me, I ask is it necessary to this Pope use a microphone covered in a gold bath, does it will make him a better or more divine person, I doubt. It is a small thing but symbolic of all the drama.

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