Monday, January 11, 2010

White London


I am already in London, arrived last Saturday, The weather let us finally come to British soil, I could not tell you anything before because I have my computer repairing again and I will have it back only this Wednesday. For now I discovered this Library in my backyards where all the family can find entertainment. This days in London past very smoothly, probably because of having now our batteries full recharged, In fact we have been meeting the happiness for a few bits in the last days. I am catching up some reading and Justyna is very exited with a course on Children Development that she has registered in the Open University. The snow slow down but Olivia is always enjoying her short walks outside manly to go shopping with me.

Tomorrow I will get back to my work, I will go to the UCL to do a planed PET scan, it will be very early nevertheless I hope the Cancer cells will be awake to the pictures. As next Friday the oncologist need to have full information.

I promise as soon as I have the computer gain I will update all the news.

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