Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am still finding my position as a father, today I went with Olivia to a rhymes session in the Library close to us, it was fine, I was there at the right time, but I did not go to the right room, so in the end me ad Olivia lost the session and the fun. Let us hope next week it will go better. I still need to do bigger effort to deserve the respect and trust from Olivia as from all the other people and to not be the small and immature Helder as usual. My body it never stops to grow but shamefully the same did not happen with my brain that has been in the hold or frozen since the last cold winter.

The evening was lovely, I am sure one of the most beautiful in Olivia's life so far, We went to the launch of a CD produced by Veena related with a Sing me a song teachers. It was really great to see and listen the performances and good spirit in the stage, I never get enough of get good energies and positiveness from seeing the happiness stamped in the other's face. Great to catch up and see again my former colleges where I worked last time.

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