Thursday, January 7, 2010

Glaciar wave

We have had already finished our holidays, packed our things, were waiting in the airport to go to London, all my thoughts were in the next appointments and chemotherapy for Friday and Monday, but without too much surprise we were forced to stay few more days in Faro. For now we have our flight booked for this Saturday but it is expectable more snow for the weekend, so the most probably is to go back to London only next week. I am trying to delay all the appointments, so I believe that my first chemotherapy session will be only in a week. It is a delay that I hope it will not bring any harm, but it is a mix feelings in my heart, if for one side I can stay few more days within the family but for other side I need to delay the treatment when I want to start it as soon as possible. Even if I do not know why.

Fortunately Algarve discover today a mega Sunlight, something that has been hidden even here.

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