Thursday, January 21, 2010

Land of Nod

Well, I am still in the land of Nod, Not really knowing where I am going, and what is the route to follow, For now I just try to relax, but also because there is no other option, The bed is where I should be even without sleep. Last night was a nightmare, Almost all past in blank but overall with a strong heart burning. The incursions to the toilets are frequent and the only way to past the time in the bed is to construct a big pile of pillows, I counted already five, Not far from achieving the same as the Babel Tower. Hopefully God will not get even more upset with me :)

During the day I was updated with what was happening with my mother in the surgery block, I still could not speak with her after the surgery but according to my father all went very well, and now she just need to have some rest and after get back to home. Tomorrow hopefully I will speak with her in the first person.

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