Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fresh bread

In the night I did not sleep much but nevertheless I wanted to be awake as soon as possible, I knew that the day would bring me good emotions, since early morning I was listening outside the marketer's traders organising their stalls and I could not resist before 8 AM to jump outside the door and buy the fresh French bread from the morning and bring the fresh fruit for the breakfast and to work, This before Justyna and Olivia would be awake. The breakfast was excellent, remembering the time when I was child that I always was going for the first bread in the Praca da Cruz de Pau.

As I was up since early, the time to work was wider, I sat down in the kitchen and I decided to challenge the same fresh fruits and plants disposed in front on the top of the table, Then born my first Still Life or death nature for me. The good news also come to made happier, My mum is back home and safe. The doctor told mother that it was the saints that she kept beside her bed that had mercy of her life. The banal operation turned in her second opportunity to live. She was in coma and the blood reserves in her body were almost null, as the vein that feed the Gallbladder never was closed while they finished the surgery. Fortunately this was another happy end.


view from my bedroom

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