Friday, January 8, 2010


Luckily the extra day was a big bonus, the weather was great what made us take full advantage of that unexpected gift, The Sun gave me inspiration to try some sketches, now when back to London I just need to give some color and after I might show you. The weather tomorrow will determine if we would stay more days in Portugal, if it keeps like that am sure the airports in London will be closed and Algarve will be our home for a few more days.The appointments are all sort out, Next Friday I will see the oncologist and the following Monday I will have the chemotherapy. Soon I will lose my rights to have the head buried as the ostrich, In London I will face again the rough reality.

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Janie said...

but, Helder, your friends are here waiting for you - we will do our best to smooth away the rough edges of your London reality.

lots of love...