Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life in the new House

Unfortunately the deliver of the repaired computer will take longer to come back to my home, to write this lines I need to pop in to the library, that anyway is just one minute away from my home, So far we are very happy with our new house and its location, we have almost everything nearby. Today we had a pleasant afternoon, Vasco and Predador come to visit us, It was lovely to chat and have a relaxing time. The days are quiet, Before I go to bed in the night I almost can say another day done, But even if does not sounds good rather it is not a bad sensation. Tonight the snow come back to London, and my thoughts are still faraway from the next Monday when I will lay down for the chemotherapy first session, It is before, this Sunday I will have my birthday, In time to keep me distracted my Holidays until the first day of work.

Lastly, just to send a big hug and tell that my deepest thoughts are definitely with who are suffering in the Haiti after this strong earthquake.

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