Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learning to fly

There we are again turning another page in this already long and decrepit life, one more year in the shoulders, hopefully I will be strong enough to carry much more. First big gift of the day was having the sun light waking me up in the morning, Happy to see my creation in the wall with it is own life. Yesterday, I was bit low and I decided to paint a sketch I did before, yesterday it looked very dark but today I realised that it was not so dark and bad as I though before. It was also very good to go to the church yesterday, because I could be free from my duty today :)

Thus, today I am full enjoying my birthday with Olivia, Justyna and friends that come around, and of course taking thousand of phone calls, I am so lucky of been so much spoiled by my dear friends. Justyna has spread gifts for me everywhere in the house, so I have discovered through all the day books in the sofa, in the walls, in the shelves, But the one I most shocked me was a voucher to start lessons in piloting airplanes. So soon expect me to fly over London, I have already the aim to fly under the Tower Bridge.

Within the circumstances it would be impossible to start the chemotherapy with better mood and positiveness. Tomorrow I will be there again to defeat the beast. I also I will show some other pictures.


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muitos parabéns!