Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mummy in hospital

Now I understand why normally when we are under the chemotherapy the diverse and small pains are going away, I would say they are replace for some bigger discomfort that put the others pains related with the Cancer more localised in a small corner. Thus, is the heart burning and awful taste in the mouth that takes over the primary importance. But, so far I cannot complain too much, tonight I had two hours sleep, enough to relax. The day happily brought my computer back and repaired, Everything is more simples in the Blog point of view.

The days are passing very slow, I am trying to go for a short walks with Olivia in order to get her use and do not be so dependent from Mummy, As she is about to start her course and she will need much more hours for herself, So let us see if Olivia will collaborates.

Tomorrow, I will need to be in touch with Portugal because finally my mother will have her surgery to the Gallbladder, I am sure all will be alright. Kisses for you and relax from your veteran son.

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