Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shapping the house

The house is slowly getting shape and starts to reflect our image, today another step been done in that way, I went to picked up two bookshelves to have more space for our books and frames for pictures. The task had the collaboration of my friends Fernando that went with me in his Van to picked up both bookshelves and Rafi to set up those in the living room and bedroom, This of course under vigilance of Olivia. Later I enjoyed so much just to organize the shelves, separating the books by themes and subjects. You would say so boring this guy, but it is true, I confess I always had special attraction for monotonous activities. In the evening was lovely to have the company of Ryan, for a while we have not met each other, So we were missing him very much. Also Shubhy and Tazz come to say hello.

Now, I hope I will have some sleep because last nigh I was sleepless again.

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