Monday, January 18, 2010

Chemotherapy-session 7

Officially today is the most depressing day of the year, but of course as you know I never leave the brain in total rest and I always think ahead of my pairs, So this year nothing better to forgot about this dark and sad day of the calender then taken a day in a special environment, in the chemotherapy unit, In fact what almost and for destiny would become bad day rather become an unbelievable and unforgotten time in the Hospital :) No thoughts about credit cards, overdrafts and neither future crossed my mind.

The time went painfully slow, Only to distract a book but quickly I become tired trying to focus on that, Although, the book sounds interesting which reports an investigation done my an autistic child The curious incident of the dog in the night-time. The television was on but made me more sick than the drugs going in the veins. For a while I thought they gave strong anti sickness already because the programs in the television, There was a program called 60 minutes make over which was a prototype of this new reality show, Here they had 1 hour to redecorate and refurbishing a house but could be others like a Ramsey trying to cook something in a flash. This shows the religion of the time in disfavour of quality, The culture of the fast food is still among us my friends.

The day was marked also for two big coincidences, if in the morning I met the Surgeon Dr Fusay, only time for a quick change of compliments in the elevator but in the evening one the way home expected the biggest coincidence, when I left the last tube station and was coming home I met my oncologist Dr. Tim Meyer, He is my neighbour! I joked with him telling that now on whenever I have a problem instead of go to the Hospital I will knock in his door.


Carla said...

Olá Helder!

Continua a tentar dar a volta com esse humor. FORÇA!!!


Carla Damásio

Luís Ganhão said...

Epá, se é para mandar pedrada aos vidros conta connosco, levamos umas pedras de calçada lá do quarteirão da XPau e damos cabo daquilo!!!

Melhor ainda, aqueles "mais modernos" de cimento que estão na Nacional 10 ;-)

Abraços e Beijokas,