Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Challeging the toilets

The chemotherapy has this surprises, it did not take me all the energies, so far, did not take the appetite, but only brought me an avalanche of hiccups, I could bet that should go already in over thousand hiccups all around the day, I am only worried regarding to my social live, I am now forbidden to attend and satisfy all the invitations for the glamorous dinners with all the posh people. I know that this behaviour is not acceptable among my fellows. The frequent hiccups already happen in the last chemo sessions and I suppose that is because of the anti sickness prescribed by the doctors. Those are also responsible for the constipation that is going on in the bowels, The toilets in my new house are for sure finding the biggest challenge of their lives managing with the hard product. The pipes are not made for the proper stuff, Shame. But probably Good for the plumbers because soon their work will be request.

Different matter, less corrosive, As I told yesterday my oncologist is also my neighbour (apparently as it is the Cancer), He lives probably at 500m from my house, and I was thinking now having such a complicity with him I am sure that he will never give me more bad news about the Cancer, otherwise I will break the glasses of his house's windows.

Lastly, to tell how thank you we are for all the friends that helped to coast our tickets to Portugal in this Christmas, Big thank you to all of you and also to the other ones that did not pay but I am sure because they did not know. We area so great to all of you, from our deep heart.

I almost forgot to tell that today was the 500th post.


jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder parabens atrazados tenho estado um pouco afastado da net .
Força para essa batalha toca a dar cabo da bixarada hehe .
Um abraço

Luís Ganhão said...

Epá, se é para mandar pedrada aos vidros conta connosco, levamos umas pedras de calçada lá do quarteirão da XPau e damos cabo daquilo!!!

Melhor ainda, aqueles "mais modernos" de cimento que estão na Nacional 10 ;-)

Abraços e Beijokas,