Friday, January 29, 2010

Spoiled boy

The day went smoothly until the afternoon, I met the Dermatologist in the Royal Free Hospital, because of a rash I am having in the groins, now I have a cream to try to control that. With chemotherapy things like that are more difficult to cure.

In the afternoon when I arrived at home, Even if the day was going down to the night but the emotions and happiness went straight up to the top. Yes, somebody knock on the door and it is strange always that somebody that we do not know wants to give something, It was the deliver man with a parcel for me. I could not believe that it was such a big present, almost could not go in through the doors. When I open the box I was the happiest man in the World, I have a professional easel to do my draws and paints. This was a gift from my girl friends in Portugal Filipa, Carla, Ines, Patricia, Cristina, Sofia, Daniela and Ana Rita. They always treat me with so much care and tender that I do not have words to express how much I love them. It is so comfortable to know that we have so many special friends. Now with this easel and professional brushes I do not have excuses to do better works, I look like that very spoiled and rich kids that always have the best material but are very clumsy, Or as in my childhood, the kids who were bringing the best ball to play football but they also were the worst football players. I do need to fight to not match that stereotype.

Later in the evening we had the visit of Shubhy and Tazz and also Kasha and Rafi, who are staying with us tonight, Now we will watch a movie which I still do no with warm of friendship in the room.

Olivia always working :)

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