Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snake current

Unfortunately we needed to say goodbye to Veena and Krishna, It was such a lovely time. Thank you. After I took Justyna and Olivia to old town of Faro. The city is beautiful but there are signs that showing that the economic depression is also around, A lots of buildings are in ruins and the streets are empty. Even tough we refuse to go to the new and without charisma modern Faro. So the breakfast was on a esplanade in an old street. Olivia had space to walk around and met another canine friend Jimmy

Olivia did not want to sleep her sesta, instead we went to the beach to enjoy the strong Sun. The normal day was broken up by a snack that flown from the cliff down to the beach, The poor animal was still squeezed in a rock at the time we left the beach of Albandeira, Everybody wanted to help the creature but all were frightened by the myths that surrounds the snacks, Also I was a coward as I could not take it up tot he bush

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