Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 degrees in the shade

The Sun is not giving mercy, since we come all days have been sunny, sometimes even too hot. I do not want to know what has been the weather in London, but it is not too difficult to guess.

Today we rested more, only went to the beach in the evening, enough to have an intense hour of beach, The water was warm, Olivia found another friend, Henrique Vera's son. Afterwards we had the quick visit of Vasco, he is also now in the Algarve for a short holidays in his parents house, Tomorrow I hope we can stay longer with him.
Yesterday in our afternoon beach, Olivia was looking after father who was swimming
Thursday in the Luis parents house, as I told before it makes me remember also the Fridas house in Mexico Olivia with her future husband, she still does not know
Sofia among kids
This was a hurricane that appeared after lunch

Chilling out after lunch

With my friend Julian

As tres emigrantes

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