Friday, July 24, 2009

Lições para a vida

One year has gone since I started to write in this space, So many things happened since then, But I prefer to do not do too many considerations or reflections about that as I am in holidays and the brain went for hibernation as well. The good thing about the resting time is for the first time is passing days and I do not remember about the Cancer, The painless helps but also the environment contributes for that. We are living our dream :)

I remember in one of my first posts I said that it will come the day that I would explain the reasons for this title lições para a vida, lessons to life. Why not lições de vida or lessons from life, This is because I pretended to show that since the beginning I was more interested to give a lesson to the entity Life than learn with the life. Sometimes showing our self bigger than we really are or bluffing helps to chase the danger.

This afternoon John and Wilf went back to London, We will miss our walks, But our friends Maria, Joseph and Gabi arrived today

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Carla said...

Olá Helder!
Quem te tem acompanhado tem visto e aprendido também a tua lição. Vive sonho e continua a ensinar-nos a todos!!!


Carla Damásio
PS - o computador tem que levar um display novo... só para a semana estará arranjado. Avisar-te-ei.