Monday, July 27, 2009

In the spotlight

After the Sueste Winds, the sea allows us to go to visit the caves by boat, I done already few times, The success is guaranteed. We started in Praia Sra. da Rocha and back in the Carvalho beach. The weather was hot :)

Here we found a group of people in the spotlight for accident, Sometimes the life is like that. We can be always been watched when we do not expect, means individually we can change the course of a life from somebody with our ignorance Justyna was delight with the caves, Olivia was almost fall asleep There is holes everywhere, we think that the whole thing can fall over at anytime

Who can find a human face in the rock?
Our Albandeira beach
Marble Arch, sorry o Arco da Estaquinha
Our commandant
Praia da Marinha on the sight

Princess taking a breeze

The co-pilot

Praia de Benagil

Part of the family

Preparing to baking bread

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