Wednesday, July 1, 2009

not a big steps for humanity

Hello friends,

First small steps of Olivia in the beach it will not become big steps for the World because it did no happen, Olivia felt a strange sensation with the sand in her feet, So she postponed the steps for tomorrow. Meanwhille we had all day long fish, Grill sardines at lunch in my godparents house and stew fish in the evening. Olivia was very happy to play with Daniel and with Pirucas and Kiko.

Finally I can exercise my movements under the water in the swimming pool. My back thanked. In the evening we went to the chapel of N. Sr. Rocha and also to the beach just to smell the air.

Sorry to do not post any pictures because I forgot the cable for my camera in London, tomorrow I will try in other way.

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Anonymous said...

She'll be swimming with the sardines in no time.

I'm packing my trunks