Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friends Friends and Friends

In Lisbon we started to catching up our friends, Filipe and Claudia lent their car making the things much more easy to move around, Funny to tell this, but it was the first time I enjoyed a traffic jam, I was alone in the car after I dropped Filipe in his work, but after I had the sensation of been a normal and healthy person among all the other drivers. Before was usual to be in the traffic and of course stressing but today I was relaxed and just flowing my thoughts and memories in that slow current of cars. Is like any small thing, even the most prosaic and silly can remind you, that you are alive.

Today we went to the South bank of Lisbon, where I grown up, Good sensation to see my neighbours again, Since I move to the Algarve and after London I did not had opportunity to see them, I was happy to see all of them and also seen Jose Sebastiao's son with 4 days. Such a great reception and difficult to explain all their hospitality. Great to meet Pajo and see that everything is going well and discuss some issues.

Already in the South I could show my house in Palmela to Justyna, It could be our future house if one day we decide to move to Portugal, So far Justyna liked the house. The next stage we went to the beautiful Lagoa Albufeira, it still very row but interesting, There we met the new mother Patricia and the lovely and gracious small Maria. We should meet them and Miguel again this Thursday. And to finished this long day among friends we went to Celia and Pedro place, The dinner was great and Olivia enjoyed to play with Mafalda and Matilda

Let us see if tomorrow we will slow down.

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