Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mogli in the Algarve

Olivia is so small and is already so friendly and responsible with all the animals kind. I am very proud. Like Mogli she relates very well with animals, even before she would speak English, Polish or Portuguese she will fluently barking. At home Pirucas and Kiko understands her well.

In the beginning she was shy but slowly Olivia is getting use with the environment and new faces. Definitely she is taking the most of her time off.

Today with the help of Carla I managed to upload the pictures from the first days and therefore I am sending in bulk, Sorry for that:)

It was a great day, The weather still divine and the dinner was fabulous to celebrate Ania's birthday, Congratulations. This pictures will come when I will be able to upload.

Today finished the first chapter of our trip, as tomorrow we are going to Fatima and then will be a week in Lisbon, to see friends :) I would love to see all friends.

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