Sunday, July 12, 2009

Olivia Darwin


Unfortunately the small break has finished to Filipe and Claudia, The history of this week end was beach and relaxing. Olivia is deeply focus in her research about the marine life, she is inspecting the rocks, The sea is not an obstacle anymore. Because of that extra work she is very tired always in the evenings.

Olivia today conquer one more friend,this afternoon was Pedro the Great, together they built up a Castle, to be honest they have stolen from other kid

Today in the morning we went to the Beach of Estaquinha

Olivia in her Darwinian researches

Yesterday Olivia met a friend

Yesterday in the morning Olivia and her cousin had a good time in the Albandeira

As usual I am in charge, poor Helder

Filipe & Claudia and Lucas-soon

What a group of friends, Daniel, Miguel and Marta
Friday,the Farewell from Lisbon

Lunch time we met our friend Daniela

The day of weird hats

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