Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back home

Again without pictures I will try to describe our day, Thus, we finally manage to have our lunch with my sweet friend Daniela, We met in the Moinho restaurant in the Carcavelos beach, It was a very relaxed conversation, Good to have her opinion for some doubts regarding to our future. The time past very quick as we wanted to go to the Algarve in the evening, We only had time to say good bye to Celisa and after Pedro & Celia and Mafalda. In their house were also Susana & Carlos and Afonso. The queue of cars going to Algarve from Lisbon was not so bad as it use to be-probably is cause of the crises, and we reached Algarve fast even if it was already 2.00 AM. This weekend Filipe and Claudia will be with us. I hope now in Algarve we can rest more as in Lisbon it was too busy.

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