Monday, July 6, 2009


Long day today, thus we went to Fatima, we decided to do a a small peregrination until the sanctuary, we walked 10 km, Me, Justyna, Olivia, my father and Quinto, In the end I was and I am still very tired, but this peregrinations it is all about some pain and reflexion.


Anonymous said...

Helder! Its amazing that you did the 10 km. You must be shattered...and Ollie too!?
Take care. Wait to hear more.
Shubhi and Tom xxxx

concha said...

Saí de Fátima na sexta-feira:).
Quase nos encontravamos!E eu reconhecia-os de certeza:).
Um abraço e continuação daquela Força que aqui é manifestada nos post.