Friday, July 17, 2009


Today it was one of those days without end, so many things happen, In the morning we decided to have our London walk but in the Algarve, Here normally the life summarizes to eat, sleep and go to the beach by car. The walks are not the most attractive to a common Portuguese citizen. Our walk was not long but was great. Today we needed to skip our sesta and go to the airport of Faro to pick up our friends Veena and Chrisna. Straight afterwards we went to the beach, And the adventures started, in the way to discover different beaches we all got very wet. So funny.

As I said today was the only day that we did not use the prerogative of our Sesta, I think everybody should have the right to at least 1hour break in the middle of the day,I will try to take to London the idea :) I remember when I was child the idea of sleeping during the middle of the day made me sick, There was World to discover but nowadays I prefer to stay inside my bed even if there is a World moving outside. Here in the Algarve everybody use that right.

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