Sunday, July 19, 2009

London in the Algarve

Today we had a lovely mix of friends here, from London we have our friend John and his son, and from Lisbon we had the visit of Cristina e Daniela. I was happy to picked them up in the airport. Finally I also can do a small contribution to see our friends happier after a year which I received so much from our friends.

In the reception from the airport we had a great sardinhada in my uncle and aunt house, All the environment was just perfect. The conversations needed to be only in English, with some complains because of that :)

It was fab to see the swimming pool full of children reminding me old times. Evening we had a taste of the beach and for dinner a lovely meal cooked by my mum, Afterwards was a big laugh,I think everybody had a great time, naturally we just enjoyed the company of each other.

The pictures will come later


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