Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New house in the horizon

New house in the horizon, I went to see it today and I confirmed what Justyna had told me, The space is almost similar to what we have it now, slightly smaller, but with a much bigger garden, Olivia might lose in the size of her room but will earn in the size of the garden. It is very long garden. Plus she will have the company of the horses that are living in the end of the road. Today we needed to signalise to guaranty the house. The moving will be at 14th of September. The best is that the new house will be only 5 minutes away from the present one, so the moving we hope will be more easy.

Justyna is again fighting against the time to finish and submit her last essay and now already packing our things. The next weeks will be even more crazy. Meanwhile slowly my feet are improving, at least are not worst. The biggest fight that I have everyday is to go to the toilets.

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