Friday, August 6, 2010

Unpredictable child

Good when we sleep good, I do not remember last time we all slept so long, In the morning it was almost 11.00 AM when we woke up, it was also result of the long journey in the night before. Thus, we had only time to get ready and go to Arnaldo and Isabelinha for a fish grill, of course meanwhile I needed to refresh in the swimming pool, The temperatures are not going down this Summer. I am feeling more close to the water as never, for me I could stay all the time in the pool or in the beach.

Because of that in the afternoon we together with my sister and Dani went to the Albandeira. The water still very warm, and I was so happy to see Justyna happy as a child, I know that she loves water and swim but not always she can. Today, she took advantage, and Olivia has been bit afraid of the water. Whenever we were going to the beach she was always avoiding the water and today was going through the same, but only in the beginning, This because, I do not know if influenced by her mother, but suddenly she lost the scare and gained confidence, and then she started to go alone to the water, almost diving, So in one moment I was calm and not worrying with Olivia because she was not going to the water, but in the next minute I needed to follow and see where she was. She is an unpredictable child. It was a great afternoon seeing also Dani playing with Olivia and we could met the family in the beach. I was almost sure she will not have the navigators predicate in her blood, common to the Portuguese, but now there is still the possibility.
Last day in Lisbon

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