Friday, August 27, 2010

For the brotherhood

I could not wait for my first day back to work, I almost could not sleep, I stood up very early, around 6.00AM I was already taking the breakfast myself, I hope I will not take this habit of waking up with the chickens from my father. In the hospital almost everybody was in holidays, the reception was empty, no costumers. The doctors for sure were playing lottery to see which one would pick up the next costumer, So it took me in lucky a nice doctor that assists Tim Myer. I reported all my complains, from the most serious to the ones less serious. Actually serious serious are two, the constipation and hemorrhoids that cannot stand the pressure, and the other one is related with the blisters in my feet. For the first one, I have been prescribed some medicines that will try to sort out It will be suppositories :)

For the second, the problem in the feet is more difficult to control, Now I will reduce the dose and if the feet it still in pain probably I will need to stop to take the Sunitinib.
Not always but nowadays whenever I am going to the hospital I come more down, Even if when I am going to the hospital I realistically do not expect nothing but I still not used to the fact of cannot dream. I was coming back home I was in the train thinking that I do not have any objectives of life, nothing that I want to achieve, The Dreams are not anymore for me because even the dreams are made for who dreams to to leave the Dream. It is not my case.

At home I lay down for a few seconds, but after I told to myself that I cannot board again in the same boat that stays in the same place, going nowhere, so I dressed and I went out to a Shop that were asking for volunteers, that we saw when we were coming home before. Guess? Tomorrow I will dropped my application to help in the charity shop Cancer Research. As my friend Henrique would tell, now on I will work for all the partners with Cancer, for the brotherhood. Meanwhile Justyna attacked other front, she already went to see some houses today.

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Ana Cristina said...


You are all looking fabulous
But by the fotos the weather is not like in Portugal, as usual!!!

By chance in the end of the day came up some targets to achieve...

Big kisses
prima Ana