Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I cannot wait for tomorrow, Finally my loves will arrive in Lisbon from Poland, they still do not know, it will be a surprise, as I will be waiting for them in the airport. I think it will be a great surprise. I am planning to come back to the Algarve in the day after, to enjoy the warm water. I am sure Olivia and Justyna will be pleased.

Meanwhile, As all know I have a dream to go back to where I never been, to the fields, to the ground. Before I got sick I thought together with Justyna to emigrate to a quiet area in the country side and have our own farm and chickens, But as this dream looks more difficult to achieve I took advantage to have a taste today, I had a task of remove the leaves from the mitica herb baldroegas, and my mother after cooked a lovely soup with that leaves. All this made me remember years ago when I was coming to Algarve and my grandmother was spending her time around the carrycot full of almonds and Alfarrobas, An unforgettable routine, Shame that only after all this has finished, I can appreciate what has gone. I miss so much that days with the family more attached with the ground. It is true there was not toilets indoors but there was the blackberries, the grapes. There was not the toilet paper but there was the leaves or parras of the vineyard.

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