Monday, August 2, 2010

Até amanha, camaradas

A different day and now there is only 3 days left until I will meet my Polish pearls again. My cousin Zeca came to pick me up and together we went to a trip to Lagos, until there he even let this child take is Porches along. After so many years I could witnessed all the development brought to this area. We enjoyed in Lagos a lunch in a beautiful spot over the Atlantic, Moments of peace and joy with the serenity of the sea and boats getting through the harbour while we had our calm and friendly conversation. After, I took my book of Até amanha, camaradas from Manuel Tiago, funny that the story that pass in Alentejo was all about what I was suffering in this afternoon, over warmth. I was enjoying so much to read again in Portuguese that I distracted and I am now very red and with a big sun tan.

When I back home I could not miss another day in the warm water of Albandeira beach. Tomorrow I must go earlier.

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