Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two halves

Olivia and me took the day to rest, the afternoon rhymed with bed for us. It is the accumulated tiredness but also the dark weather that invite us to valley of the sheets. In the morning we received the visit of a friend of a friend that asked to follow the development of Olivia for a period of time. This will be integrated in a study that she is doing in the University. She seems nice and she only will need to see Olivia for a short periods of time, So we will try. Olivia by now is like a sponge, how easily she picks up the words, Portuguese and Polish, She is already comfortable with short sentences. Nappy is also already part of her history. But she is also in a stage that she does not want to give kisses, to interact too much with who she does not know very well, She wants to discover everything by herself, Sam as she says.

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