Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adam was in the Algarve

The life is like that, the good days coming always after a less goods, This a thought that comforts me often. Firstly, we went to see my small cousin Roben, It was a joy to see the little brave.

In the evening there was a reason to celebrate, as Justyna finished her Essay, Thus, we had a dinner with prawns to celebrate again one more work done. Olivia it is such a great friend that decided to go to sleep earlier, So we took advantage of the avó and me and Justyna departed for a wild adventure alone, I do not remember last time we went out in the night alone. It was not long time and there was no plans, probably just a cafe or tea, So we went to the Benagil beach, but the water was so warm and looking for us a mirror that Justyna did not escaped from the temptation for swim in the sea, After, although I had some pain in the feet and have not got clothes under, I did my craziest thing in the last years, I joined Justyna in the water completely naked. It was such a sensation of being with Justyna surrounded by all that massive water. From outside if somebody was observing would say there was a guy in the water similar to the famous Adam, just without any leaf to cover the front line. For 5 minutes we were a child during the time another child was sleeping.

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Luís Ganhão said...


definetly Algarve is the best place where all Adams and Eve's are living without a sin :-)