Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Catch up the other half

I can celebrate different mother's day, But there is only one day for my sweat mother, that is today, in her anniversary. I spent the lunch with the family but in the afternoon I took the journey in the car to Lisbon, A long time I have not done this way alone, but it was with a lot of nostalgia and with pleasure that I was passing through all the landmarks in the road from Lisbon to Algarve, from Mimosa, to Canal Caveira or Ourique, I was going so slow to see all the landscapes and at the same time I listened the radio as once I was doing often, Even did not miss the narration of a football match.

I was so anxious in the airport waiting for Olivia and Justyna. When I saw them coming out in the doors I could not believe, I was so happy to see them again, But also Justyna and Olivia were so excited with the surprise. I this 2 weeks away I noticed so many changes on Olivia, She is bigger but also more beautiful.
In the night we had the fantastic news from Filipe that he has to go back to the oncology only in on year time, good news for him and for his skin.

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