Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fruit on the table

The park was today overcrowded park, so many kids as I never seen, for that was not indifferent the fact of the lovely sunny day and the last days of holidays for kids. By the way today I went for the first time to pick up a application to enroll Olivia in the Nursery, This to start in the next year.

Here we are trying to have the most healthy diet as possible, with a lot of fruit and with less meat as possible. Although this is a arguable point, because I always eaten so much fruit through my life and I am nowadays not the finest example of the health.

Today I also would like to wish the best luck and surgery for my friend Henrique from the Georgio who will have tomorrow another stabbing, he is my college in this paths of the Liver. I am sure all will be alright.

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Ana Cristina said...

Parece que os passinhos se vão dando um de cada vez mas não deixam de ser dados...
Fico contente que o próximo "ninho" seja similar e próximo do anterior, o que realmete facilitará a mudança!
Must wish Justyna the best luck for that last essay, wish the result to be as good or even better then the last... =D
The best luck for your friends surgery!

Big kisses for you and your princesses :****

prima Ana e Ezequiel