Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of the holidays

Today finished the Holidays or estival season, The weather is not appealing any more for baths in the beach and tomorrow I will be back to my full time work, going back to the hospital. I will have opportunity to speak with the doctor about the side effects from the pills that I am taking, that are a lot. I am just concerned if because of that they will reduce or will take out that pills, And I am not sure if I will need them very much. Nevertheless, the Life will carry on. After more than a month today we catch up again with Shubhy and Tom, good to know that they also have a great time in holidays.
Regarding to my house, today the landlord confirmed that she wants us out from home soon as possible. It will be already the 6th time we will move out. No complains, the life is too short to complain about anything.

As a present, today I will leave a classic from the time I met Justyna, so already 5 years ago. She was already very pretty.

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