Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family reunited

Finally the family are reunited again, It is wonderful to have all here, except my father who does not want to leave his Algarve. For him the Sunshine, only in Portugal. In in London the house is full, last time I counted 9 people, In the table to seat everybody we need to have a good imagination, all serves, from a luggage until the horse from Olivia. Today, it was lovely to see also Olivia playing with her cousin Daniel, For the first time they enjoyed time by themselves, just alone upstairs in Olivia's bedroom. I will not tell already that the biting are past, let us wait and see if will come any blood until the end of the week.

I am also happy as now I have my fridge full of Portuguese food, Bacalhau even bread from my parent's bakery and the olives that makes the happiness of Olivia :) Christmas will be with a lot of traditional Portuguese taste.

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