Saturday, November 13, 2010

In a flash

I feeling this days as the start of the Christmas season, In fact I cannot wait for those days. Nowadays I am not only living the Day, the present, but strangely also I am often thinking about some a specific events, like a goal to live the each Day. Today went by in a flash, we planned to go to the Portobello market, and we did go, but there we found out that it was time to come back. It was the shortest visit to the market I have done, Mika will need to do another trip to the market to understand and look it in detail.
Late but we still did come back on time to be present in the birthday party of Gabi, It was very good end of the day, to just socialize with all those friends that were there, few that I have not seen a long time, even before Olivia arrived. Now we only need to organize the house to have our family here, they are arriving tomorrow at lunch time.

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