Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas party

There was a time, back around 30 years ago, that for this time I was the most happy child in the World, I could not wait for the Christmas party that the employer of my dad - Lisnave, was offering annually to the their kids, Something that by this days looks a dream for most of our children. Of course to got access to the party normally in the Carlos Lopes Pavilion I remember that was always necessary to queue for long time outside in the warmth temperature that normally we found during this Season:) Usually I was in my father's lap, what made the waiting time less painful. In the entrance was given to us a bag with some sweets, chocolates and one or two balloons, I was so happy. Nevertheless, there was always the balloon catchers, The fathers that wanted to show their skills in catching more balloons for their child, This was just setting a sellotape in the top of another balloon and after release it until the ceiling of the pavilion, of course firstly attached to a long string, and then was easy to collect some other balloons that escaped from some unfortunate hands. This picture shows the habits of this predators that we could found in the corners where normally the balloons tended to gather and putting more attention to the ceiling than to the artists in the stage. I do not keep only this memories, I also remember to watch some magician practicing behind the curtains of the stage. On the top of this party there was another one, this organised by the Union. So this was a great days without any doubt.

This afternoon all this came to my memory, when I went to a different kind of party, There was also food available for everyone, but the people were all grownups and the subject much more serious, depending from the point of view. Thus, I attended a conference in the Royal Free Hospital about the Neuroendocrines Tumorous, It was a long and good conversation, where I listened Oncologists, Nurses, palliative doctors, nutritionists, about trials for new drugs. There was a lot of strange names for new medicines and trials, but I noted all of them. But the worst enemy for your Cancer is the fact of being rare is cutting a possibility for more funding for research, So we are trapped in the idea that people have about the Neuroendocrine, or just to do not know anything about this, The head doctor-Caplin, explained that an important task is to show to governments that this diseases become more common and are not so rare nowadays, To bring the Neuroendocrine to the main stage and become more fashionable is a task for all the patients and friends.

There was also hope in the air among the patients. I was a bit nervous, it is something not new, but today is even worst to get courage and speak to a big audience, Luckily the question that I wanted to put forward was done by another patient, and for curiosity who did answer was my surgeon, and said the same as to me before, In a case where there is a recurrence in more than one place the operation is not the the first option to treat, but He would say that never say No, mainly if the patient is younger.

To finish I am writing what a patient told and I did like, and it is his philosophy to approach, Make somebody happy, make yourself happy.

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