Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don Giovanni

My Life has changed completely in the last couple of years as you can imagine, I had lived very strong sad moments as I even cannot bear and hurts me just to remind about them, but overall also it let me to discover the truth meaning of happiness, Today I can say in spite of all I am not an unhappy man. I was wandering as well if this Crises that we are going through, shrinking our pockets also could help us to contextualize our Lives and instead expand our horizons, Definitely I think that from here nothing will be the some as before, We all would need to adapt to this new reality, The World it should not belong exclusively to us here, there are more people in China, Brazil, India, Poland, etc, that desires and deserves the same us we here in the Occident were having, Even if here some were having more than others :) It is my idea that we all will need to learn how to live without so much, forget about this game that the Capitalism taught us from our cot and does not take us to nowhere. Less for all, few for more.

This concepts of fulfill and spirituality Life become even more present in my mind after I been revisiting in the last days the story about Don Giovanni. Putting the religious on the side it really tries to paint and brings about the idea of justice for the fair people and the punishment for the corrupts that all of us carries in our minds.

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