Monday, November 22, 2010

E eu é que sou o palhaço?

I am doing much as possible to get my Mind back to the routine but also as aware as it could be. It was a weekend without seeing Olivia so now I am trying to get advantage and spend more time with her, Today I went a playgroup and to a gymnastic session with her, I was in the sky. In the Ground Justyna was for a day the clown of the family. The painted faces was also our way to wishes to Dani to recover from the chicken-pox, that he developed since he left England. Let us wait to see who will be the next to catch the bug, I am not sure if Olivia is already immune, we just need to wait 2 weeks, the time window for the bug develops. So far all of us are OK.

Tomorrow I will have another session of pictures in the Hospital, They should like me very much. It is another scan and see if the Cancer had another coup and squeeze

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