Thursday, November 4, 2010


It has been long time, two weeks without Art classes, but today again I was there. The lessons still covers the dark-side, around the anti-conventions, difficult but very interesting to draw using the Right side of the brain, needs a lot of concentration, Last class we had two ladders in the middle of the room and we were supposed to draw everything around but the ladders, just get the spaces in between, Today we covered the sheet with black graffiti and the task was to create a landscape using the rubber only, and this trilogy will finish next week drawing an upside down portrait. It will be challenging.
Tomorrow, will be a very busy day, In the morning we will be back to the Royal Free to see the oncologist, Essentially it will be to collect more Sunitinib to my daily diet:) After we would need to come back home to get ready in order to go to Wales to Mike's house to spend the weekend in the festival of Bonfire.
Before finish, I want to share with you the website related with the Cancer that I am suffering, Neuroendocrine NET, 10th November, next Wednesday will be the World day to arise awareness about this disease. So if you will have a minute please open the site and you also can sign the proclamation of the day

And by the way look into

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