Friday, November 5, 2010

A Rare man

That I have the one of the rarest type of Cancer I already knew but today also I have been told that I am also having one of the rarest side effects that Sunitinib can offer, as my hair is decolourising, become white. Finally, I am showing some signs of maturate.
Today I met my preferred doctor, Dr. Rupinda. She looked happy with the progress of my disease, means the Cancer did not progress much, Nevertheless she wants me to do another scan until the end of this month, normally I would have a scan every 3 months but because I am in the Sunitinib, the Trust that funds my medicines wants me now to do a scan every 2 months, I suppose this is because of the high price of the Sunitinib, then they want to make sure that the value invested is reaching the goal.

Now the afternoon, we will need to get ready to depart to Wales to the Bonfire, Mike will give us a lift.

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Luís Ganhão said...

You're becoming wiser my good friend... that's why the white hair :-)